Demonstration and Training Videos

Demonstration and Training Videos

  • CU2 Global – first to automate the conversion and migration of Microsoft Access to SQL Azure

    CU2 Global releases 2SQL Azure – a world first automation program for converting and migrating Microsoft Access to SQL Azure, delivering in excess of a 95% automation capability

  • Discovering & Reporting on Microsoft Access Database Populations

    The MSO Inspector is used to scope the size and complexity of a corporate wide Microsoft Access to SQL Server conversion program. It searches network drives gathering detailed metadata on all Access databases discovered. This data can then be used to determine which Access databases are candidates for conversion, and which can be either archived or left as is.  The MSO Inspector can also be used to gather detailed metadata on Microsoft Excel files.

  • 2SQL Live Demonstration Video

    Live demonstration of 2SQL automatically converting a Microsoft Access database/application to SQL Server.

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