Access Database Discovery

Organizations having large Access population are able to use the 2SQL MSO Inspector to analyze network drives across the enterprise, auditing the Microsoft Access population to report detailed information on individual databases for conversion and/or decision-making purposes.

The primary objective of performing this analysis is to narrow the project focus from what in some organizations can be an overwhelming Microsoft Access Application population running into the many thousands, down to what may be only the critical Applications representing between 2% and 5% of the entire Access population

  CU2 Global, its service providers and/or a corporation’s own in-house project teams can use the MSO Inspector analysis and apply business judgment to assess each Microsoft Access Applications in terms of size, importance and other factors 

to decide which of them should be converted, culled or simply left alone. The MSO Inspector predicts the number of conversion issues that will need to be remedied, either manually or automatically by 2SQL, in order to make each Access Application SQL Server ready.

 Using metadata such as Conversion Issue counts, along with other assessment criteria, selected Microsoft Access Applications can be “graded” into one of six complexity ranges.

On completion of this process a decision can be made to convert all or part of an Access population on a case-by-case basis, depending on resources, time and cost. 

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