Nutanix Hypervisor – AVH

Nutanix delivers the industry’s most popular hyperconverged solution, natively converging compute and storage into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in minutes to run any application out of the box. The Nutanix solution offers powerful virtualization capabilities, including core virtual machine operations, live migration, VM high availability, and virtual network management, as fully integrated features of the infrastructure stack rather than as standalone products that require separate deployment and management.

Until now, the core architecture of today’s standalone virtualization solutions had not changed significantly in over 12 years, despite major technological advances and evolving user expectations. The native Nutanix hypervisor, AHV, represents a new approach to virtualization that offers substantial benefits to enterprise IT administrators by simplifying every step of the infrastructure life cycle, from buying and deploying to managing, scaling, and supporting.

At the heart of the Nutanix platform are two product families: Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism. The Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) delivers enterprise storage services,and the highly available and scalable App Mobility Fabric (AMF) within Acropolis enables workloads to move freely between virtualization environments without penalty.

Nutanix Prism, a comprehensive management solution for Acropolis, provides unprecedented one-click simplicity to the IT infrastructure life cycle.

Enterprise professionals have the choice of using VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or the natively integrated hypervisor, AHV, to run their applications on Nutanix. AHV is built on proven open source technology and has been hardened for security.

Together, AHV and AMF decouple applications from the underlying infrastructure, giving enterprise IT the flexibility to choose whichever runtime environment is best for their applications and services. Acropolis works with Nutanix Prism to give administrators consumer-grade simplicity in managing their entire virtual datacenter.

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