Security – First with Nutanix – A Defence in Depth Strategy.

 Security in the enterprise datacenter must begin with a robust infrastructure foundation. Maintaining security in traditional infrastructure environments, however, is challenging for a number of reasons. The three-tier infrastructure stack is comprised of products from multiple vendors, each with a narrow and limited view of security. Validating and maintaining a security baseline through continuous software upgrades, for example, is time-consuming and often involves error-prone manual processes that take away from innovation and productivity.

 Nutanix takes a holistic approach to security across three pillars:

  • Platform: The Nutanix security development lifecycle (SecDL) integrates security into every step of product development and covers the entire infrastructure stack including storage, virtualization, and management.
  • Automation: Automation is easily enabled through efficient one-click operations and self-healing security models to maintain security in an always-on solution.
  • Ecosystem: Expanding beyond the platform into the robust set of security partners, Nutanix delivers validated joint solutions with security solution providers.



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