EzyApp Packaging and Virtualisation

Automating software installs across the earth ~ from your desk

EzyApp Packaging and Virtualisation

EzyApp saves clients time and money by automating the conversion, packaging or virtualisation of multiple applications for automated deployment  across the globe. 

EzyApp repackaged applications are available in:

  • MSI
  • Microsoft App-V
  • Symantec SWV / SVS
  • VMWare Thinapp
  • Citrix Xenapp
  • Zaptz Ezysnap
  • Zaptz Ezydeploy
  • Zaptz Ezydeploy Bundle

Clients are able to send and receive their application packaging and virtualisation requests via an EzyTracker portal.

Fixed Price, fixed outcome regardless of application complexity.

* Fixed price includes, EzySnap Desktop and Zaptz EzyTracker cloud platform.
* Pricing also includes application analysis for detailed compliance and remediation

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